Who We Are

韩漫无羞遮漫画免费It is our pleasure to welcome you to International Feed's website. We trust it will provide an opportunity for our valued customers around the world to learn more about our company, values, products and services.

These are exciting times for our company. Since its founding in 1999, International Feed has steadily grown into a fully integrated supply chain provider for feed ingredient clients from around the world. Trust and integrity are the foundations of International Feed's business philosophy. Our company's continued growth demonstrates the success of our client-centric approach.

International Feed is an innovative supplier, providing customers with cutting edge products and services. we focus on the use of best-practice supply chain solutions to ensure delivery of high quality products and positive business experiences.

韩漫无羞遮漫画免费The dedication of International Feed's employees has cultivated an extensive clientele of loyal customers. We are in constant pursuit of new ways to better serve the needs of the global feed industry.